» x men apocalypse


» Independence Day: Resurgence


» And this is why i love mass effect!


» Happy N7day!


» OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!


» room inspo DIY


» Good for you


» New Lights Vids


» cant wait!!!


» hahha


» oh the feels T.T

One of the best games that i have ever played. i love it so much. *spoiler in the vid

» starcraft 2

denna är så grym!!! dock är själva spelet galet dålig.

» tou and me toki this summer!!


» lights


» this is how sunscreen looks like

Awesome video of how damagin the sun really is for our skin.
The freaky part is what the sunscreen looks like in a uv camera.

» bad boys

Love this song and Zara´s Dance but i wish it was a bit longer XP

» sia - chandelier

wow, souch a beautiful song!

» omg omg omg


» 23 sep!


» if men were women

 The last part was a bit scary tho....

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