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Hancock: holy shit Fahrenheit did you see that total BABE outside???
Fahrenheit: you stabbed one of our better fighters in front of her, she were kind of hard to miss.
Hancock: do you think she noticed me?
Hancock: ...Should I have done more?

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I was never raped, but when I was 11, the son of a family friend copped a feel whenever we were playing video games or watching tv.

I was never raped, but when I was 12, the same kid spent his birthday party making me sit on his lap while he touched me in front of his friends.

I was never raped, but when I was 14 the aforementioned kid threw me on a bed while our parents were downstairs having coffee. I remember the look in his eyes, and was grateful that his mom called us down for dessert before anything happened.

I was never raped, but when I was 15 a random car of guys yelled “Nice tits!” at me while I was going for a walk dressed in a baggy Nine Inch Nails t-shirt and ripped jeans.

I was never raped, but at my first job, a man old enough to be my father grabbed my ass while I was hostessing. Every. Week.

I was never raped, but when I was 17 I found a bathing suit that I loved, and swore I’d never wear one again when I saw one of my uncle’s friends staring at me as I got out of the pool at my family’s July 4th picnic.

I was never raped, but I still check under my car and in the back seat at night before I go anywhere.

I was never raped, but I still carry my keys like spiked brass knuckles when I’m walking alone.

I was never raped, but I’ve sat with friends and partners and clients while they explained how certain words or sounds or touches, however innocent or loving or therapeutic, were hurtful or terrifying.

I was never raped, but there are things I don’t wear and places that I don’t go and things that I don’t allow myself to do because I don’t want the attention. I don’t want the consequences.

I was never raped, but I’ve seen enough news and read enough stories to know that if I am, I will have to defend every decision I’ve ever made about what I wear, how much I drink, where I go, and who my friends are. And that the burden of proof will be on me. And that my word will not be enough.

I was never raped, but there have been so many ‘nice guys’ who tried to help a little too much, and lingered a little too long, and forced too many hugs, and became deeply, deeply offended when I tried to stop it. So I stopped trying, because hey…they were just being helpful, right?

I was never raped, but I’m always, always thinking about consequences. Not the consequences of my own actions or decisions, but the consequences of someone else’s. The consequences that might arise because someone else might decide that what I’m wearing or how drunk I am or who I’m with will somehow serve as permission or opportunity.

I am painfully aware of how lucky I’ve been. And how sick it makes me to write that.

This is the reality of rape culture. It is not that all men are terrible, oppressive predators — it is simply that too many of us grow up knowing that if we let our guard down, any man could become someone to be afraid of. We have learnt this because friends and uncles and strangers have crossed the line, and every time that happens, we learn to be a little more guarded. Sometimes we don’t even realize it — I don’t remember the exact moment when I stopped speaking up for myself, but I do remember being completely unable to tell the boy who molested me to stop. I couldn’t find my voice. It wasn’t until after the birthday party, after I told my mother, whose anger I borrowed to finally tell him to stop.

Rape culture systematically shrinks your world. Through movies and music videos and friendships and strangers, you learn that your comfort and safety simply comes second. If at all. I learned all of this, and I was never raped.

Today, as I read the sentence for a man who was convicted of rape, who was caught in the act, I am…disgusted, disheartened…and not at all surprised. Because the flip side of this kind of culture is that men like Judge Persky, Brock Turner — and his father, based on his letter defending his son’s “20 minutes of action” — are honestly unable to recognize what was taken that night, and what was lost. To blame it on alcohol. To ask, at least, for shared responsibility — with an unconscious woman.

I felt silenced by the decision that a young man’s loss of appetite was more important than a young woman’s loss of personal safety. I can’t imagine what other women are going through.

I want to end this by saying that hopefully, this case will spark a much needed cultural shift. I want to say that I hope the outrage about the leniency of Turner’s sentence will instigate conversations between fathers and sons — instead of just being another message to women about being responsible and cautious, always. I want to say that hopefully Judge Persky will be removed, sending a clear message that as a society, we demand harsher penalties for convicted rapists.

Right now, ending with “I hope” feels empty. I know too many people who don’t have that luxury. Not anymore.

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Dont get me wrong, its awesome that we got something rather than nothing....BUT COME ONE!!
and some memes XP

Mass Effect had less story in the trailer than fucking FIFA



ea: and heres mass effect-


ea: –behind the scenes


EA E3 2016

Bioware: We’re going to shock you all at e3
Bioware: lmao jk here’s a landscape  

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» making decisions solely based on what your companion likes



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Letade efter fiskarter på google så såg jag denna tråden, höll på att dö av skratt XP

Min sambo äter upp mina akvariefiskar!!!

Min sambo och jag har varit ett par i snart 6 år, har 2 barn ihop. Han har tidigare berättat att han åt akvariefiskar hos kompisar när dom hade fest när han var yngre och jag har väl mest sett det som en galen fyllegrej... eller trott att det var så iaf. För ca 1 år sedan skaffade vi ett akvarium och jag köpte massa fina malawiciklider som jag fyllde detta med, har även fått många yngel. På senaste tid har jag märkt att det försvunnit ungfiskar fast inte reflekterat så mycket över det då jag trott att dom blivit uppätna/dödade av dom större fiskarna. Igårkväll gick jag o la mig och min sambo satt uppe o spelade på sitt playstation. Efter någon timme vaknade jag och skulle gå upp för att dricka lite och då står min sambo över akvariet med håven i näven och äter ur den... Jag blev helt ställt o fick först bara ur mig ett: Vad fan gör du?? Först så försökte han prata bort det och menade att han skulle titta på fiskarna för att han trodde dom fått vitapricksjukan... hur dum tror han att jag är... åh, jag blev så arg... såg ju att han åt en fisk ju!!! Sen vägrade han prata om det och hela dagen idag så har han låtsas som inget hänt och så fort jag tar upp det så påstår han att jag måste ha drömt. Vad fan gör han så för?? Vem fan äter levande fisk... mina fina dyra fiskar också . Vet inte vad jag ska göra??? Går inte o prata med han .

Vi hade ett långt samtal inatt. Jag krävde att få veta sanningen och han erkände tillslut att han äter av mina fiskar ibland. Han säger att han känner ett stort behov av att äta levande fisk och har svårt att motstå. Han vet inte varför men vi har iaf kommit överens om att han idag ska åka och köpa egna fiskar han kan äta av. Jag föreslog guppy för dom brukar ju föröka sig snabbt. Då kan han ha en egen odling som han kan äta av. Tycker fortfarande detta är äckligt men tänker inte lämna honom, älskar honom för mycket för det... då får han hellre äta lite fisk, bara han ger fan i mina fina fiskar

Idag har vi fått igång hans nya akvarium. Guppys och neontetror köpte han men tror ni inte den jävel varit och nallat av mina fiskar iaf... räknade ju fiskarna igårkväll och upptäckte nyss att det saknas en fisk, och inte vilken fisk som helst utan Bruno, min finaste mal!!! . Vad fan ska jag göra nu??? Han förnekar igen och jag bara gråter... Min älskade Bruno

Sambon har flippat totalt och nu ätit upp alla mina fiskar + sina egna nyinköpta och stuckit härifrån... han yrade nåt om att akvarievattnet var fräschare på andra sidan o tog sin vespa och stack...

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» It’s been a good ride. The best.


I don’t know how I feel right now. It’s N7 day. I’m stoked for Andromeda. I’m happy that we will get to explore a whole new trilogy and meet new characters that will inevitably touch our hearts.

But I’m sad. With the new trailer, it hurts to hear Shepard say goodbye. That no matter what, their story and their life is finished. Knowing that we have been through so much with them. And yet, here they are. Telling us to be strong. That they are always with us. It just *breathes* hurts. It hurts the same way as when you lose someone important in your life.

I didn’t think Shepard was like that for me. It had always been Mordin and Anderson that hurt like this. But hearing those words “This is Commander Shepard, signing off” hurt so bad. And I finally understood. As much as Shepard was fictional, they had been there for me. Even after the game ended. Even after the crucible fired and they were lost to the rubble. They had always been with me. And they would always be with me. 

So I guess this is a thank you to bioware. For making a universe that has become so important to me that it feels like I’ve lost real life friends and family. And that is an amazing gift.


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Tomorrow my stuff from ikea is arriving! so i will finally get a couch and tables! I'll be resuming with my art aswell when i have some more space to work on. I have sooo many ideas and its gonna be awesome!. Now all thats left is for my landlord to install new floors and its done!

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Sparrow´s been sleeping on and next to me all nigt and morning today...such a needy cat xp

» apartment part 1

My apartment right now, need to fix a few things in the bathroom, and the floors in the kitchen and bedroom before i can get everything else up...

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Sitter nu nu cairns och njuter av värmen! Well försöker iallafall då jag har typ fått en infektion i lungorna. Så jag vaknade upp i japan med lite hosta som senare blev mycket värre på planet och när jag väl landa så åkte åkte åkte vi nästan direkt till sjukhuset och fick antibiotika utskrivet som jag ska ta i 48 Tim och om det inte funkar så ska jag ta ytligare en till behandling.så jag har haft det ganska smärtsamt dessa senaste timmar, fattar inte hur ont det kan göra när lungorna inte funkar som de ska. Men annars e jag glad över att vara här. Hade nog valt att vara hemma just nu dock. Xp

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