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» It’s been a good ride. The best.


I don’t know how I feel right now. It’s N7 day. I’m stoked for Andromeda. I’m happy that we will get to explore a whole new trilogy and meet new characters that will inevitably touch our hearts.

But I’m sad. With the new trailer, it hurts to hear Shepard say goodbye. That no matter what, their story and their life is finished. Knowing that we have been through so much with them. And yet, here they are. Telling us to be strong. That they are always with us. It just *breathes* hurts. It hurts the same way as when you lose someone important in your life.

I didn’t think Shepard was like that for me. It had always been Mordin and Anderson that hurt like this. But hearing those words “This is Commander Shepard, signing off” hurt so bad. And I finally understood. As much as Shepard was fictional, they had been there for me. Even after the game ended. Even after the crucible fired and they were lost to the rubble. They had always been with me. And they would always be with me. 

So I guess this is a thank you to bioware. For making a universe that has become so important to me that it feels like I’ve lost real life friends and family. And that is an amazing gift.


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