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» your bloodtype?

Omg hitta denna artikel i dag om olika personligheter för olika blodtyper. Jag är AB och et är en hel del som stämmer in på mig enligt denna artikel. både posetivt och negativt XP

TYPE A is the good student. They try not to upset order; they dislike disruption and confrontation, and as a result try to stick to rules as much as possible and do things perfectly. They are reliable and have great tolerance and endurance. With a tendency to overanalyze, they are worrywarts and fret about things that might go wrong if things aren’t done properly. Because they don’t want to upset anyone, they take many people’s opinions into consideration so they are mostly regarded as the most kind and nice. However, this trait means they wind up being quite slow at making decisions. When coming upon an unknown bridge, they would take time to make sure anything and everything is 100% safe before crossing. Although usually introverts, there is the occasional extrovert with great leadership qualities who has managed to externalize the “serve others” attitude. Paying much attention to other peoples’ emotions means they are quite acute to their own feelings, which get easily hurt. Despite being very understanding, when greatly hurt they don’t forgive nor do they forget.

TYPE B is the egomaniac. Extremely self-centered and unabashed about it, they have strong belief systems and also have the skills and charisma to convince others. They are adventurous, full of curiosity and despite being initially suspicious, make friends quite quickly and easily. They rarely have the perseverance to plan things out and usually do things as they feel or on a whim. Being tied down to anything is one of their greatest fears, and “freedom” is hailed as an important motto. They are frequently accused of being playboys and commitment-phobes. Being bored is another great fear and they will continuously come up with creative ideas and things to do. They have to be amused and interested in something at all times and will show tremendous concentration in things that interest them, but will thoughtlessly dismiss anything uninteresting to them. Quick to make decisions, also quick in reading other people – they sometimes show amazing insight to other people’s characters and might be called “mindreaders”. They always have to say what’s on their mind and as a result, make as many enemies as friends. They forgive and they forget – sometimes they forget too much.

TYPE O is the class clown. The one to make any room brighter, they thrive on the attention and smiles of others. Happy-go-lucky, cheerful, very friendly, and also very practical, they have a competitive streak that shows off their determination. They are greedy in work, in love, almost everything. They have distinct boundaries and stick to them: they rarely mix work with pleasure, although to the less observant it might not seem so. Even though they might seem clumsy, details rarely escape them and they’re often gifted with good memory. They’re most likely to go over the top at any occasion and are often the organizers of parties and get-togethers. Once they put their mind to something they diligently carry it out and rarely get distracted. They have a great sense of justice and are good at categorizing and prioritizing in a haphazardous way. Because they usually are immensely cheerful in nature, once they get mad they get scary mad. They cannot endure loneliness so they tend to trust people wholeheartedly and when that trust is broken they fall into great despair. They are willing to forgive but will never, ever, forget.

TYPE AB is the riddle. The loner, the enigma, the one who marches to a different drummer. Very analytical and observant, but also very detached, they rarely make their feelings known voluntarily and even when asked, will reply with a vague and unclear answer. They don’t care about what others think of them and might be considered anti-social, but oddly enough, they work extremely well in social settings and are quite willing to aid others. Living in a world of their own, they might not differentiate between their self-created world and the actual world around them but this rarely affects their everyday life. (It mostly affects those around them.) The meaning of competition evades them as their value structure is uniquely individual. They are not good team players, although they won’t do anything to hurt the team. A wide range of interests make them very knowledgeable and creative. They possess great individual style. About forgiving and forgetting, they don’t even understand what there is to be forgiven or forgotten.

Such are some of the basic stereotypical characteristics by bloodtype. According to these traits, when the four bloodtypes are in the same room, the quiet TYPE A would be near the wall so as not to attract attention, self-centered TYPE B would naturally go to the center of the room, TYPE AB would be daydreaming in a corner, and TYPE O would be walking around the whole room socializing.

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» 30 seconds to mars

var uppe i Stockholm i helgen för att kolla på 30 seconds to mars! har velat se dem i över 4 år men aldrig fått chansen. men äntligen blev det av och det var galet häftigt!

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» Fathom!!!

OMG hitta denna otroliga Life size skulptur av aspen från fathom serien!!! Han gjorde den som en tribut till den avlindne skaparen (av witchblade och fathom) och konstnären MIchael Turner ...nostalgi... Kommer ihåg när jag var 9 -10, medans andra i min ålder läste barn/kändis tidningar så läste jag dessa blodiga och våldsamma vuxen serie tidningar. Michael Turner var nog den första konstnären (förutom min morbror) som jag beundrade stort och ville kunna måla exakt som han.

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» its worse then i thought?

Ja, så det var inte bara illamående som jag trodde att jag hade förra fredagen. Jag trodde att det skulle gå över dan efter men jag hade en ihållande smärta/illamående i hela 5 dagar efter fredagen och den satte igån från kl 4 på kvällen fram tills jag somna. Kollade upp mina symptom via google för jag ville kunna ha en någolunda aning om vad jag kunde ha innan jag gick till vårdcentralen (som är helt värdelös). Så det visade sig att jag troligen har fått magkatarr/stressmage för någon anledning, (kanske för att jag har jobbat 7 mån natt utan ledighet?). Hur som hällst så medicinerade jag mig själv 3 dagar innan jag besökte vårdcentralen (vilket som sagt var onödigt att gå till för allt de sa var att jag skulle testa medicinen jag redan hade börjat med.) så jag kommer förmodligen inte kunna jobba natt nu framöver vilket är tråkigt då jag måste jobba dagpassen....blä.

Kommer dock försöka att ev plugga till något annat som jag kan jobba med i stället för detta i framtiden xp

» foki

Fokis sida har äntligen blivit mycket bättre och mer spännande att läsa nu när hon har dumpat sin pojkvän. just saying...

» sick?

Ringde in till jobbet ganska sent i går pga att jag vid 6 tiden blev akut illamående?!? What? fattar inte varför och känner mig inte bättre i dag .....