» fallout


» Dragon age


» hahahah

where’s my half cap you cheap bitch

» fallout


» mass effect


Me playing Mass effect 3
hahaha Mirandas face :,,,D

» im dying


» lol

the warden trying to seal off darkspawn: *firmly cements the door shut,buries the entrance,bricks over the mound, places strong magical ward on the bricks to ensure they never break*

the warden: man maybe that’ll hold them back for like 10 years, who knows

the inquisitor trying to seal off darkspawn:

the inquisitor: problem’s solved, guys!

» Fallout 4


» Mass effect


» Beginning of Mass Effect 2


» Turians


» sometimes i think u r a dinosaur...


» modern dragon age XP


» Mass effect feels


» ma fun


» oh Tali... XP


» 1002


» solaaaaaassssss dont ignore me :(


» Inquisition comics XP


» cant wait!!!


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