» fika with toki

goodbye pretty hair!!

» epicness overload!!!!

I just can´t........gaaaaawwwwww >.<

» got the urge to cut it off xp

» done

Lol Navi looks a bit off but it will have to work untill I get around d to draw a new painting of her.

» tattoo inspo


» lol


» tumblr


» andy andy andy...


» Portal


» sunday

» liseberg 2

Hade jätte kul på Liseberg även om det regnade xp

» liseberg

» I love you dad

» fika with Lotta

» caaaaaat


» almost there

So after a lot of screwing and unpacking its all up! tho I don't know about the placement jet... it looks a bit to crampt atm but I'll fix it later.